How to Buy Motor Oil for Winter

by Editorial Team

Some people may not realize that buying different motor oil for winter use can extend the life of their vehicle's engine. A different motor oil can also help a car start in very cold temperatures. Learn how to correctly buy motor oil for winter for your car by following these steps.

Step 1

Know how cold the winter temperatures get in your area. Some places may not get cold enough to affect the motor oil. If the temperatures often get below 45 degrees F, you need to change the type of oil you are using for the summer to an oil appropriate for winter.

Step 2

Check to see what type of oil you are using in your vehicle. Most newer vehicles today use 5W30, and older vehicles use 10W30. Both vehicles are normally compatible with both oils, but make sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendation.

Step 3

Use a 5W30-weight oil in your vehicle in the very cold months, as long as it is approved for use in your vehicle. 5W30 motor oil flows better and won't become as stiff and thick in cold weather as 10W30 oil. This means that when you start your vehicle, the oil gets to the engine faster and more efficiently than a heavier-weight motor oil would. This can mean the difference in your car starting or not.

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