How to Buy a Mercedes in Europe

by Vanessa Padgalskas
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All high-end German cars that are also sold in the United States, including Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi, have a European Delivery Program, which is the easiest way to buy a Mercedes in Europe. Not only do you get to purchase the Mercedes at a discounted price, but you also get a free night's accomodation at a hotel near the factory in Germany, a Mercedes factory tour, free shipping to the United States, and 15 days of insurance allowing you to driver your new Mercedes around Europe. Its not just about buying a Mercedes--it's also a European vacation.

Mercedes European Delivery Program

Step 1

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Talk to a salesman or a European Delivery Specialist at your local Mercedes dealership in the United States about your desire to purchase a Mercedes through the European Delivery Program. You and the salesman will discuss which car you would like to purchase and how soon the car will be available. Usually four to five months is sufficient time to plan ahead.

Step 2

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Decide what Mercedes model you want, choose the specifications you want on the car, then order the car. You need to put down a $2,000 deposit and will need to bring your valid U.S. passport to your salesman. You will finish paperwork at the factory in Germany before picking up your Mercedes.

Step 3

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Talk to the European Delivery Travel agency to plan your trip to pick up the Mercedes in Stuttgart, Germany. You will fly into Germany, take a complimentary taxi ride to the hotel sponsored by Mercedes, then prepare for the Mercedes tour the following day. One night's hotel stay is provided in the delivery program. You can choose to plan your own route around Europe after picking up your car, or you can choose one of Mercedes' optional tours for an additional fee, such as the Black Forest Alps Rally.

Step 4

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Pick up your car in Stuttgart after completing your paperwork and taking a factory tour. Do not lose any of the paperwork. You can drive your car around Europe for 15 days, the amount of time the complimentary insurance is valid. You can drop your car off at any one of 13 European cities Monday through Friday when you are ready to have your Mercedes shipped to your Mercedes dealership in the United States. Shipping is free of charge for those who buy their Mercedes through the European Delivery Program. Show your paperwork to the employees at the drop-off location to prove you purchased the car and you can have it shipped to the United States.

Step 5

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Take everything out of the car, including the first-aid kit, when you are dropping it off to have it shipped to the United States. U.S. Customs will remove everything from the car when it reaches the U.S. border. Your Mercedes will arrive at your dealer in six to nine weeks. Your dealer will inspect the car and register it when it arrives.

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