How to Buy a Remote Keyless Entry System for a Car

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Remote keyless entry has exploded on the automotive scene as a convenience and security option that is almost unparalleled in use and appeal. You can unlock your door quickly in a dark parking lot, or with two armfuls of groceries. If your car does not already have one, here is how to buy a remote keyless entry system for a car.

Add a remote keyless entry system as an option when purchasing the car. Today, 70 percent of the vehicles sold in the U.S. either have remote keyless entry, or can have it added to them optionally by the company.

Ask the dealer to add a remote keyless entry system after you have purchased your car, if you didn't have it installed as an option up front.

Buy and install a remote keyless entry system as an aftermarket accessory. There are many keyless entry systems available through resources other than your car's manufacturer.

Consult your dealer or local mechanic for a list of reliable makers of keyless entry systems that are compatible with your vehicle's make and model.

Inquire in your town to see who carries the remote keyless entry systems you have found, and record the prices, warranties and installation fees for each location.

Look online. Search through forums and specialty car sites for advice and information regarding reputable keyless entry makers, still making sure that your make and model of vehicle is compatible with the system you're considering.

Decide which kind of entry system you want. There are systems that include security devices which must be present for ignition, remote engine-start systems and systems that unlock only the driver-side door.

Buy the keyless entry system you have chosen. Remember that if you buy it online, somebody will have to install the system, which can cost more money.


  • check Regardless of who installs the system, always test it before resuming normal operation of your car.
  • check Consider parts and labor warranties depending on which system you have installed and who installs it.


  • close Make sure whoever installs your system is licensed to do so.

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