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by Lee Johnson
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Smoking food is a great way to infuse flavor, and food smokers give you the tools required to start smoking your own dishes. The Brinkmann Smoke 'N Grill is one such device, and as the name suggests, it also functions as a barbecue. There are many great smoked food recipes online, and after you've assembled your smoker, you will undoubtedly want to try something out on it. If you learn the basic operations of the Smoke 'N Grill, it will open up a new world for your cooking.

Curing your Smoker

Step 1

Lay a protective surface down underneath the Smoke 'N Grill to account for any falling embers after the smoker has been lit. You can use heavy-duty aluminum foil folded several times if you don't have anything else to serve as an ash guard. The foil should extend past the unit's legs as an additional precaution.

Step 2

Remove the lid from the Smoke 'N Grill and take the water pan and grill out of the smoker's body. After taking off the lid, the grill will be covering the opening at the top of the smoker. The pan in the middle of the smoker's body is the water pan, located above the charcoal pan at the bottom.

Step 3

Coat the interior of the Smoke 'N Grill with a thin layer of oil. The only part that you should not lightly oil is the charcoal pan. Keep this clear as you coat the rest of the interior of the smoker. New smokers have to be cured to rid the unit of any residual odors from paint of the manufacturing process.

Step 4

Place the charcoal pan on stable supports. You can check this by opening the door in the Smoke 'N Grill's body. This support will be holding the hot coals later on, so it is important to make sure that it's secure.

Step 5

Put 8 to 10 pounds of coal into the charcoal pan. Cover it in lighter fluid and leave it to soak in for a few minutes. After a couple of minutes, you can light the charcoal, but be careful when doing anything with fire.

Burn for around 20 minutes, when the coals should be becoming more light gray and ashen in color. After the initial 20 minutes of burning, replace the Smoke 'N Grill lid to trap in the smoke. Keep the temperature of the set-up around the "Ideal" marker on the top half of the unit.


Step 1

Remove the lid, grill and water pan from the Smoke 'N Grill.

Step 2

Place 8 to 10 pounds of charcoal in the charcoal pan. Cover it with lighter fluid, and then give it a few minutes to so before lighting it. Wait 20 minutes for the coals to turn slightly gray.

Step 3

Place the water pan back in position in the middle of the unit. Fill it up with water or marinade, leaving an inch clear at the top.

Step 4

Place the grills wherever you choose to on the unit. There are spaces for grills above the water pan and in the space where the lid meet the main body of the unit.

Arrange food on grills and then replace the Smoke 'N Grill's lid to smoke your dish.

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