Boston Whaler Specifications

by Gus Stephens

Boston Whaler has manufactured recreational boats for more than a half-century. Constructed of foam-core fiberglass hull, all Boston Whalers are powered by Mercury outboard motors and are currently manufactured in Edgewater, Florida. Due to polyurethane foam composition, Boston Whalers are considered to be unsinkable. They have remained afloat in demonstrations after being cut completely in half and riddled with machine gun fire. As of April, 2011 Boston Whaler boats are available in six series of models.

110 Tender

The 110 Tender is an entry-level, four-person Whaler suitable for fishing and family outings or as a tender to a larger boat. It comes with oarlocks and two fiberglass bench seats. A tiller-steered 15 ML Mercury engine with an aluminum propeller is optional. The 110 Tender is 11 feet, 4 inches in overall length and 5 feet, 6 inches wide.

Sport Boat Series

The Sport Boat series is powered by a single four-cycle Mercury engine beginning with a 25-horsepower model. Steering is controlled from a center console. Stainless steel deck rails are standard and the Sport models seat four on fiberglass bench seats. The Sport Boat series is suitable for water sports, fishing and other recreational activities. Its dimensions are 11 feet, 4 inches in overall length and 5 feet, 6 inches wide. The 130, 150 and 170 Super Sport variants offer more powerful Mercury engines ranging up to 60 horsepower and larger hull for more capacity and seating. Standard features include center console steering and stainless steel bow and deck rails. A variety of colorful hull wraps are available to personalize the color scheme.

Montauk Series

The Montauk series includes models 150, 170 and 190. These are shallow-draft cruisers built primarily for stability. Power ranges from 60 horsepower to 115 horsepower Mercury engines. Interior seating capacity in the 150 is six, the 170 seats seven and the 190 seats eight. Montauks offer 360-degree fishability, reversible pilot seats and a fiberglass swim platform. The dimensions range from the 150 at 15 feet, 5 inches overall length and 6 feet, 6 inch width to the 190 with a 19-foot hull and 8-foot width.

Dauntless Series

Dauntless models are built for speed. From the Mercury Verado 150 in the Dauntless 180 through the Dauntless 230's 225 horsepower powerplant, these boats are suitable for water sports such as skiing and wakeboarding. They are also amply equipped with all the fittings for fishing, such as rod racks and holders, a trolling motor mount and a full-width aft casting deck. Hydraulic steering adds snap and maneuverability to handling at all speeds. Capacity ranges up to nine persons.

Outrage Series

The eight models in the Outrage series represent Boston Whaler's offshore fishing fleet. With a V-hull entry design and large fuel tanks, these boats are suitable for ocean-going use. They range in overall length from 18 to 37 feet with power beginning at 150 horsepower and increasing to the larger dual-engine Outrage models. Cockpits are configured for fitting of navigation and communication equipment. The Outrage 220 models and up have hardtop cockpit covers and windshields. Seating capacity ranges from eight in the 190 to 14 in the 370.

Conquest Series

The Boston Whaler Conquest models are big-water cabin boats ranging from 25-footers up to an overall length of 35 feet, 11 inches. Duel Mercury engines on the Conquest Model 255 and larger provide power up to 600 horsepower. The cabin features an entertainment center, full overnight accommodations, a head with hot and cold water supply and a galley. A forward berth offers additional sleeping arrangements. Fuel tanks of up to 421 gallons enable long-range cruising. Capacity of the 245 is 12 and increases to 14 people in the 345.

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