Polaris XLT Touring Specifications

by Daniel Thompson
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The Polaris XLT Touring snowmobiles were high-end snowmobiles produced until 1999. These snowmobiles are also known as the Indy XLT Touring model and they include several features designed to provide increased comfort while riding. The Indy XLT's standard features include a backrest as well as hand and thumb warmers. The later models of the XLT Touring edition used much of the same equipment as models from previous years.


The 1998 XLT Touring snowmobile uses a three-cylinder engine with a 597-cubic-centimeter displacement. This engine has a 65 millimeters bore and a 60 mm stroke and utilizes a liquid cooling system. It uses an electric start system with a CDI type ignition system. The 1998 XLT uses RFI type model RN3C Champion spark plugs with a gap of 0.028 inches.


The XLT's drive system uses a P-85 type drive clutch with a 12-inch center distance and a 5/8-inch clutch offset that uses 10MB Bushed clutch weights. The drive clutch has a diameter of 7.85 and uses a standard ring gear with a cast clutch spider. The XLT chaincase has a 66P-3/4-length drive chain and a 66P 9T-4 drive shaft sprocket. The chaincase also has a 20:40/3/4 sprocket ratio and a standard reverse transmission.

Suspension System

The XLT uses a X-12 type front suspension with a travel distance of 10 inches. It uses adjustable radius rods and AFX thread adjustable type shocks with a 5/8 torsion bar. The rear suspension system uses a XTRA 12-type suspension with a travel distance of 12.8 inches. The XLT's springs use a coil/variable front torque arm and a torsion/coil rear torque arm with a spring diameter of 0.437 at 77 degrees.


The XLT Touring snowmobile uses a 133.5-inch track with a polyester-c construction and a lightning style track pattern. The track has a pitch of 2.52 inches and a width of 15 inches. The track has a lug height of 0.82 inches.


The 1998 XLT uses skis with a length of 40 inches and width of 5.5 inches. It has a ski center distance of 42.5 inches, an overall width of 48 inches and a length of 115 inches, including the skis. Completely unloaded the XLT has a weight of 599 lbs. Its fluid capacity includes three quarts of coolant, 10.7 gallons of fuel and 11 ounces of oil for the chaincase.

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