How to Get Better Gas Mileage in a Volvo XC90

by Jerel Jacobs

The Volvo XC90 is an all-wheel-drive (AWD) mid-size SUV capable of returning good fuel economy for a vehicle in its class. It is available with either a V6 or V8 engine, both equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Although SUVs as a whole are not known for getting good gas mileage, there are things you can do to maximize your miles per gallon when driving your Volvo.

How To Get Better Gas Mileage In A Volvo XC90

Step 1

Avoid hard acceleration. Because the XC90 is an SUV, the acceleration may well be slower than you are used to, so take this into consideration when driving. Do not unnecessarily mash the gas pedal and do your best to accelerate smoothly. A heavy vehicle such as the XC90 will consume a lot of fuel if you are overly aggressive with the accelerator.

Step 2

Don't speed. Volvo makes vehicles that are designed to be, and make you feel, safe. Because the XC90 is a luxury SUV, it features excellent noise and vibration reduction; as a result, the sensation of speed may be reduced. However, with increased speed comes lower fuel economy. To get even more miles per gallon, use the cruise control when possible.

Step 3

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Because SUVs like the XC90 often see rougher roads than Volvo's other luxury vehicles, tire inflation pressures need to be monitored closely. Potholes, heavy ruts, and other severe road conditions can cause the tires on your XC90 to lose air pressure. Driving on under-inflated tires can reduce your fuel economy by as much as 10 percent. Check your tire pressure regularly, at least once per month.

Step 4

Make sure that your Volvo is serviced at the recommended intervals. Keeping your Volvo tuned and changing the oil and filter regularly will ensure that the engine is operating at its maximum possible efficiency. The XC90 is available with either a 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder engine, and the service schedules will vary according to engine type and other options. Consult you owner's manual for details.

Step 5

With an SUV like the Volvo XC90 it is tempting to carry a lot of unneeded things with you. However, doing so can add up to a significant amount of added weight. Also, if you are using your Volvo to tow a trailer it should be unhitched when not in use. Additionally, if you have a rooftop luggage rack or other similar equipment installed, consider removing it when it is not being used. The more weight that the engine in your Volvo has to pull, the lower your fuel economy.

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