Best Polishes for Polished Aluminum

by Jennifer Eblin

Polished aluminum is often found on cars and motorcycles. It is also used on accessories found on those vehicles like the mirrors, grilles and wheels. The best polish for this type of material depends on the individual as many people tend to have a favorite. It also depends on what they plan to use on the polish on.

Blackfire Aluminum Polishing System

Blackfire Aluminum Polishing System is one of the top polishes for polished aluminum according to past and current users. This polish comes in a small metal can and has a thicker consistency than some of its competitors. The advantage of using this polish is that it is not only a polish, but also a cleaner. When the polish is applied to an aluminum surface and gently rubbed across the surface, it removes dirt and dust while leaving behind a nice shine.

Eagle One

Eagle One makes a product known as Aluminum Wash & Cleaner that many shoppers use as a polish. The maker claims this is one of the best polishes for aluminum because it doesn't stick to the surface, but leaves the item looking clean and fresh as it was brand new again. The product is unique in that it comes in a thinner liquid form and a spray bottle. The liquid sprays out and when rubbed off, leaves a glossy shine.

English Custom Polishing

English Custom Polishing is considered one of the best polishes for a variety of reasons. This polish is used by many of the top automobile and vehicle museums in the world, such as The National Motor Museum. Museum workers use the polish to keep the vehicles looking nice and new. The company custom blends their polish to ensure that it contains all the necessary ingredients to create a high gloss shine without leaving behind any grit or dirt.

Wolfgang MetallWerk Fine Aluminum Polish

Wolfgang Metallwerk is a lesser known company that is quickly gaining in popularity due to the amount of shoppers satisfied with its products. The company makes a Fine Aluminum Polish that is regarded as on the better products for polished aluminum. It contains small abrasive materials that gently buff away any minor imperfections in the surface of the aluminum. It also cleans away dirt and debris from the piece, but keeps the aluminum looking in great shape when used regularly.

Gord's Cherry Wet Wax

Gord's Cherry Wet Wax is a unique product that was created to bring back the shine to dull and listless looking aluminum pieces. It is particularly popular with collectors and owners of classic automobiles because it works on different areas of the car with the same results. The wax is applied to the surface and gently buffed off with a damp cloth. Users note that it makes their car look new again and also leaves behind a bright and glossy shine that they haven't found with other products.

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