What Does the Battery Light on My Club Car Golf Cart Mean?

by Erick KristianUpdated August 01, 2023
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Warning Light

The battery light is an icon of a battery. This light only becomes illuminated on the dash when the vehicle's battery is low. This light is illuminated when approximately 10 percent of the vehicle's battery life remains.

Drive Time

The remaining drive time on the Club Car after the battery warning light appears varies. The weight of passengers will vary the drive time; one thin woman driver consumes less power than two large men with full club bags. The terrain will also cause variations in drive time. For example, the Club Car can go quite a distance if it is downhill. If the Club Car must go uphill, the battery will become depleted quicker.


The Club Car takes approximately five to six hours to charge from the time the battery light becomes illuminated. Fully charged replacement batteries can be installed, if there is no time to charge the cart.


The Club Car cart contains six 8-volt batteries, resulting in a total output of 48 volts. This makes the Club Car one of the most powerful golf carts on the market. It also offers regenerative braking, which helps charge the vehicle's battery during braking. This is done by harvesting the kinetic energy created during breaking and cycling it to the battery.

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