Troubleshooting Subaru Legacy Headlights

by Editorial Team
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The battery drain switch

A common complaint with the Subaru Legacy is not being able to turn off the headlights. This happens when the driver accidentally hits the "battery drain switch," located on top of the steering column. The "battery drain switch" is a feature exclusive only to the Subaru Legacy.

Accidentally flipping the battery drain switch can cause confusion, but this function is meant to be a useful alternative to hazard lights.

Check the bulbs

The Subaru Legacy is designed specifically to short out bulbs that are not the correct voltage to protect the fuses and electrical system.

Having the wrong voltage of bulb can keep you from being able to turn on the high beams. It can also make your headlights short frequently so you have to change the light bulb every few days or weeks. Check your owner's manual to find the correct voltage, if you have recently changed your bulbs from regular usage and are now having difficulties.


If your low-beam headlights do not work but your high-beam headlights do, this is a sign of a blown fuse. On the Subaru Legacy, the fuse box is located under the steering wheel. Pull out your owner's manual to pinpoint which fuses belong to the headlights. This would also be a good time to double check to see that all wires connected to the fuse box are not loose or exposed.

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