How to Back a Car into a Parking Spot

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Backing a car into a parking spot correctly can make leaving that spot easier. Just follow these steps.

Step 1

Drive slowly past the parking spot. When the car stops, the corner of the rear bumper should be about even with the parking space marker. The vehicle should be about 4 feet away from the end of the parking space.

Step 2

Turn the steering wheel completely in the direction the car needs to go to get into the space. If the space if on the left, turn the wheel all the left, and if it's on the right, turn the wheel all the way right.

Step 3

Put the car in reverse.

Step 4

Back the car slowly into the space. Check the mirrors and over each shoulder to make sure that the car isn't going to run into vehicles on either side of the parking space. If it seems as though the car might scrape against another vehicle, turn the steering wheel in the other direction and pull forward a couple of feet, then put the car into reverse and crank the wheel back.

Step 5

Continue backing into the spot.

Step 6

Straighten the steering wheel when the car is squarely between the parking space lines.

Step 7

Reverse the rest of the way into the parking space, keeping the wheel straight and not pulling back too far or leaving the front end sticking out too much.

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