How to Parallel Park a School Bus

by Sara Davis
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Parallel parking a school bus is a challenging task. First and foremost, you should have received training in becoming a licensed school bus driver. This practice will be more helpful than written instructions. The essentials of parallel parking a school bus are the same as a large vehicle, only more challenging given the length of the bus. If you become a licensed school bus driver, you will be given time to practice parallel parking and you will later be tested on that skill.

Step 1

Turn on your flashing lights to alert vehicles around you that you will be backing up. A typical school bus will have flashing lights on both the front and back ends.

Step 2

Position the vehicle so that it is next to the available spot, with the rear of the bus aligned with the front 1/4 portion of the available space. This is the approximate measure of space that you will need to get into the spot.

Step 3

Angle the rear of the bus and begin to back into the spot very slowly. This angle should be sharp -- you must aim the rear of the bus for the curb and only begin to straighten out when you have almost bumped the curb.

Step 4

Straighten the wheels out (by turning the steering wheel to the right) slowly so you pull in directly parallel to the curb. Do not straighten out too suddenly, or you will over-correct and end up with the back end of the bus a few feet farther from the curb than the front.

Step 5

Back in as far as possible and pull forward to align the bus directly parallel with the curb.

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