What Is an Audiophile System in a Ford Vehicle?

by Geoffrey St. Marie
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Many of the Ford Motor Company's most popular vehicles offer the Audiophile Sound System as an option. This stereo upgrade option aims to provide innovative sound technology and easy operation.


Ford has three different stereo options for a vehicle coming out of the factory. The most advanced of these is the Audiophile. It costs significantly more than the other two options. On the 2006 Ford Focus the additional price for the Audiophile was over $400. On the 2007 Explorer Trac, the cost was just over $500.

Models and Features

The Audiophile can be found in Ford models as the Explorer, Ranger and Fusion. In fact, the company issued a special 2002 model of the Ranger pick-up called the Tremor due to the force of its sound system. The product usually contains a six-disc changer, sub-woofer and hook-up for Sirius Radio. The Audiophile is also capable of playing MP3s. Unique abilities of the system include its ability to deliver sound differently to various seating positions and automatically turn up the volume as speed increases.


The Audiophile system has received mixed reviews. Edmund's Inside Line, for example, has repeatedly referred to a poor bass delivery which muffles the sound. Additionally, they claim that seek buttons on the system are difficult to negotiate while driving.

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