How to Appraise a Used Car

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Deciding on which car to buy can be a long and arduous process. Having the right tools for comparison available during the appraisal process will certainly speed things along. There are several approaches to appraising a used car. Below are just a few tips to assist in the used car evaluation process.

Try looking online for other assessments and appraisals of the car you have in mind. They may provide you with a larger group of experiences with the brand and details of quality issues.

Take the car for more than one test drive. Try to take the test drives (at least two) on different days, at different times, in different weather conditions on varied terrains. Be sure to test the car's capabilities around town and on the highway.

Drive the car to another dealership during the test drive and ask for an appraisal. This is a great way to get very accurate prices for the surrounding area.

Be aware of the car's trade in value before you buy or appraise the vehicle. The trade in value will make a great baseline for evaluating dealership prices.

Search the car thoroughly inside and out for dents, scratches, and signs of repairs or previous damage. Of course, used cars always have a little wear and tear, but sloppy repairs or apparent dents and burns are great ways to lower the asking price.

Ask the dealer to tell you the how much they paid for the car. This information is readily available to the dealer and it is your right to have it as part of your appraisal and bargaining process.

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