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How to Take Apart a Nissan Key Fob

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Many Nissan vehicles offer enabled keyless entry systems that allow owners to lock or unlock the doors of their vehicle with a small, electronic key fob. When the battery in the fob fails, or the fob otherwise malfunctions, you'll need to take apart the fob before you can begin troubleshooting it. Taking apart a Nissan key fob can be done in seconds and requires no special tools or experience.

Stand the Nissan key fob on its side and locate the seam where the two halves of the fob meet.

Insert a flat tool, such as a plastic guitar pick or quarter, into the seam on the side of the key fob.

Rock the tool back and forth to pry open the Nissan fob. After a bit of effort, the two halves will separate completely.


  • Perform some routine maintenance on your Nissan key fob while you have it disassembled. Replace the battery, if necessary, and clean the battery contacts with a cotton swab that has been dipped in white vinegar to remove any corrosion.


  • Nissan key fobs models can vary slightly. Contact a Nissan dealership or service center for model-specific key fob disassembly instructions.

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