Why Does the Anti-Lock Brakes Light Come on?

by Nina Hughes

Anti-lock brakes reduce emergency stopping distance by 25 percent. Sometimes, if anti-lock brakes are not working properly, or need maintenance, the anti-lock brake light comes on in your car.

ABS Electronics

Anti-lock brake systems are created to be fail-safe. But there are times when there are issues with the electronics connected to the anti-lock brake system. If the electronics fail to work and the system deactivates, the ABS light will come on in your dash.

Hydraulic System

When your anti-lock brakes kick in during a hard stop, hydraulic pressure is applied and released to the brakes to create the anti-lock feature. If the hydraulic fluid is low or there is a loss or pressure, then your ABS light will come on.

Speed Sensors

Cars with anti-lock brakes have speed sensors for each tire. These sensors pick up signals when the brakes are pushed hard enough for the anti-lock system to kick in. If these sensors are not working properly, the ABS light will come on.

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