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The Advantages of Rack & Pinion Steering

by John Michael

When comparing steering systems you really only need to think about two types--standard mechanical steering and rack and pinion steering. The standard mechanical steering system is either power assisted or non-power. Rack and pinion is almost always power assisted. There are advantages to both, but there are some significant advantages for rack and pinion that should be considered when comparing cars.

Fewer Parts

Rack and pinion has fewer parts and pivot points.

Rack and pinion steering tends to be more precise because there are fewer parts and pivot points. Because of this, the steering is more responsive and easier to control.


Reducing the number of parts in a system also reduces the weight. A few pounds here or there may not seem like a big thing but with fuel economy or racing, every pound counts.

Road Feel


Driving on wet or icy roads can be tricky. A rack and pinion steering system gives you better "road feel," which makes this type of driving a little easier. It gives you quicker and better feedback than a standard system.


Repairing a rack and pinon steering system tends to be easier than a traditional system. There are two reasons for this. First, there are fewer moving parts so fewer to fail and need repairing. Second, it is the most common system, so most mechanics should be familiar with it; you do not need a specialist for repairs.

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