Advantages and Disadvantages of Motor Bikes

by Shailynn Krow
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The wind through your hair and the exceptional speed has made you consider purchasing a motor bike. Though the thrill of riding a motor bike is always an advantage, there are both advantages and disadvantages to owning a motor bike. Before you make the big purchase, consider the pros and cons.

Advantage: Less Gas

A motor bike uses considerably less fuel than a car, especially on longer journeys. Since the gas tank on a motor bike is smaller, it will also cost less to fill up at the pump and there will be less times you find yourself at the gas pump to begin with.

Advantage: Less Repairs

Motor bikes need less repairs and maintenance than an automobile. Unlike a regular car, oil changes are relatively simple and can be done by the owner rather than a specialized mechanic. Repairs for motor bikes also cost less than car repairs.

Advantage: Parking

When you are in the big city there is limited parking. Often if you have a larger car you cannot always easily find parking space. With a motor bike you can park anywhere you like and often there are special parking stalls just for motocycles.

Advantage: Traffic

Traffic is always a problem when you need to get somewhere. With a motor bike you no longer have to sit behind a sea of cars waiting for the traffic to get moving. Motor bikes can travel in between cars parked on the highway rather than waiting for their turn to move.

Advantage: Cheaper Licensing and Taxes

Registration and taxes for motor bikes are considerably less than for automobiles. Since motor bikes do not use as much fuel, there are government discounts on registering motor bikes.

Disadvantage: Personal Safety

Though there are advantages to saving money with a motor bike, there is the risk of personal safety. Unlike a car, drivers of motor bikes do not have doors, air bags or a bumper to protect them from impacts with property and other vehicles.

Disadvantage: Other Drivers

Other drivers on the road are often oblivious to motor bikes simply because they cannot always see them in their rear- and side-view mirrors. Drivers can cut off motor bikes or even run into them simply because they do not see them.

Disadvantage: Seating and Room

Though a motor bike is helpful for getting around, it has limited seating and storage. If you are going to the grocery store, you will not be able to haul home too many groceries. When you are out with friends, you have seating for only one more person, that is if you have the proper safety equipment for them.

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