Can They Tow My Car If There Is a Handicap Sticker on it?

by Ilana Waters

Disabled drivers are eligible to have special stickers or placards placed on or inside their vehicles. This lets other drivers, as well as law enforcement, know that the owner of the vehicle has special privileges when it comes to parking. However, like any other driver, those with handicaps must also obey the law.

Handicapped Parking

Typically, a car with a handicapped sticker or placard cannot be towed if it is parked in a handicapped parking spot. The entire purpose of such identification is to let others know that the driver has a disability which makes walking longer distances (such as to and from storefronts) difficult, if not impossible.

Time Frame

However, it is entirely possible for a ticket to be issued, or a car to be towed, even if the owner has a handicapped sticker. For instance, if parking in the area is limited to a certain number of hours, or a certain time of day, handicapped drivers are expected to comply with these rules just the same as any other driver.

Illegal Parking

Finally, there are places that are illegal to park no matter what the reason. For instance, parking in front of a fire hydrant, double-parking in the street, or in a tow-away zone are unlawful as a matter of public safety.


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