The Advantages of Having a Car

by Pallab Dutta

It is now hard to believe that for nearly three decades into the twentieth century, horses or horse-driven stagecoaches were still the personal modes of transport for many Americans in big cities. The building of the Interstate Highway System by the Dwight Eisenhower administration and the emergence of the American suburbs in the 1960s changed the dynamics of car travel. The advantages of having a car in the vast, sprawling, continental landmass of the United States are many.


Americans frequently cross state lines in their cars for work purposes. This mode of transport does away with the hassles of having to book tickets for airplane, train or bus travel.

Personal Mobility and Independence

Automobiles have redefined the concept of empowerment for women and mobility for millions of Americans. Personal independence derived from having a car means people can go for shopping, work and other pursuits whenever and at anytime without depending on fixed schedules of public transportation systems.

Public Transportation Deficiency

Many American states don't have well-developed public transportation systems. A car is the only mode of transportation for Americans in many areas.

Medical Emergencies

Many rural areas are not served fully by ambulances, police cruisers and ER vans. It is far quicker to take a person with sudden ailments or life-threatening situations in a car to the nearest hospital or medical/health center.

Pleasure Trips

Detailed pleasure trips, such as across tri-state areas of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, or Nevada, Arizona and California, or Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, can be undertaken with cars. A nuclear family can streamline costs by traveling across these states in a rented car or a self-owned vehicle.

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