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How to Adjust the Clutch on a Loncin 110cc Dirt Bike

by Tyson Simmons

Smaller dirt bikes are a great way for young riders or new riders to learn how to correctly operate and have fun on a motorcycle. A common problem with most smaller motorcycles is that the stock clutch adjustment makes the clutch hard to pull. However, if you need to adjust the clutch on a Loncin 110cc dirt bike, the process is simple and requires no tools. The job should take about five minutes to complete.

Step 1

Lift your Loncin dirt bike onto a motorcycle center stand or prop it on its triangle stand.

Step 2

Diagnose whether the clutch needs to be loosened or tightened. Pull it all the way several times and decide how it needs adjusted.

Step 3

Loosen the inner lock-nut on the lever end of the clutch cable. Twist the nut counterclockwise as far as possible.

Step 4

Twist the cable adjuster clockwise to tighten the lever and counterclockwise to loosen. Do this only several twists at a time, then pull the lever to test your adjustment.

Tighten the lock-nut when you are satisfied with the lever's adjustment.


  • Go for a ride after you adjust the lever. If it still feels uncomfortable, adjust it again.


  • Always be aware of pinch points when working around motorcycle parts.

Items you will need

  • Motorcycle center stand or triangle stand

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