How to Adjust the Height of a 5th Wheel Trailer

by Robert Ceville

For properly pulling a fifth wheel trailer from behind your towing vehicle, the towing hitch must be high enough to lift the trailer to the appropriate degree. If the fifth wheel's trailer is not high enough, you will not be able back your vehicle into position so that the hitch will fit underneath. This is done by using the crank handle to lift the trailer into place, then adjusting the screws attached to the legs of the attachment hitch to the desired height.

Locate the crank handle that is housed on the side of the towing hitch, then turn it clockwise to raise the trailer into the desired position. Use the tape measure to determine how much you need to lift the trailer, so that the hitch attachment will slide into place when the towing vehicle is back up to it. The trailer should be just slightly higher than the height of the hitch attachment from the ground.

Remove the bolts that are housed on the legs of the attachment hitch with the adjustable wrench. Notice that the hitch attachment has multiple holes to which the screws can be inserted to determine the height of the trailer when connected.

Insert the screws back into the appropriate holes that match the height of your raised fifth wheel trailer. The hitch will be adjusted properly, and the trailer's height will have been increased in the process.


  • close It may require the assistance of another person to lift the trailer arm into place on the hitch.

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