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How to Adjust the Headlights in a Toyota Corolla

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If the headlights on your Toyota Corolla point too high or off to the side, you may blind oncoming drivers. If they point too low, you may not be able to see far enough in front of you to avoid a road hazard. To prevent accidents, most states have laws governing the angle of your headlights.

Remove any excess cargo you don't normally carry in your car. Fill the gas tank and check the pressure in your tires. Once you have your Toyota Corolla in the condition you normally drive it in, you're ready to start adjusting your headlights.

Park the car on a level surface 15 to 25 feet away from a wall or garage door. If you plan to adjust your headlights outside, wait until dark.

Open the hood and locate the headlight aiming wheel near the headlight assembly. The Toyota Corolla doesn't come with a horizontal adjustment.

Measure from the center of the headlight to the floor and mark this measurement with masking tape on the wall. Mark the center point for your car as well.

Turn on the headlights and use a Phillips screwdriver or Torx bit to adjust the aiming wheel. Adjust each headlight individually, keeping an eye on the trajectory path on the wall. The low beams should be within a 2-inch variance of the center mark, and the high beams should be exactly in the center of the mark.


  • You can also make adjustments to the headlights by using washers on the mounting screws.
  • You may need to remove the bezel to see the adjustment screws on older Toyota Corolla models.

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