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How to Adjust the Clutch in a Toyota Corolla

by Contributor

Adjusting the clutch of the Toyota Corolla is something you can do yourself. You can change the pedal height, the free play and the point where it engages. Checking the fluid level in the reservoir is also an important part of clutch care.

Step 1

Check beneath the hood. This should always be the first step when seeking to adjust the clutch of your Toyota Corolla for it could save you time and money. If the level of the clutch fluid in the reservoir is low, replace it. If the fluid consistently drains faster than it should, check for a cracked reservoir and replace it.

Step 2

Adjust the clutch by changing the pedal height of your Toyota Corolla. Loosen the stop nut, get the clutch into the position you like and then tighten the nut. Test it to see whether the pedal engages where you would like. If not, go on to the next step.

Step 3

Alter or adjust the free play in the clutch pedal of your Toyota Corolla go to the master cylinder and loosen the lock nut. You can move the rod up or down, according to your preference. Toyota recommends a range of 5mm to 15mm.

Change the distance the push rod of the slave cylinder moves before actuating the clutch fork in your Toyota Corolla. After loosening the lock nut, hold it with a wrench as you turn the push rod's tip.

Items you will need

  • Clutch fluid
  • Wrench or wrenches
  • Pliers

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