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How to Adjust the Clutch in a Toyota Camry

by Contributor

Thank goodness for Toyota. They made working on the clutch pretty straightforward, and something quite doable for the average car owner with a little time and expertise.

Step 1

Look beneath the hood to see what the level of clutch fluid in the reservoir of the Toyota Camry is. The reservoir that's located near the left rear of the engine bay. Top off the fluid to the recommended level, and pump the clutch pedal to restore the pressure. If the fluid doesn't stay at the same level, you may have a leak in the system. Check the cylinders, the reservoir and the lines, and replace any faulty part.

Step 2

Adjust the height of the clutch of the Toyota Camry. After putting the parking brake on, and putting a block behind the wheel, start up the engine and let it idle.

Step 3

Move the shift lever into reverse, and let the gears connect as you adjust the clutch in the Toyota Camry.

Step 4

Press the pedal down slowly and find out at what the distance of the stroke is between the point where the gears release point and "full stroke end position." Measure this distance and record it.

Loosen the "jam nut" that's located on the push rod of the Toyota Camry, and turn the rod around once or twice to the right. Test the clutch adjustment, and repeat if necessary.

Items you will need

  • Clutch fluid
  • Wheel blocks
  • Wrench and pliers

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