How to Adjust a Camaro's Transmission Shifter Linkage

by Don Kress
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If your older Camaro just doesn't shift into gear the way that it did when new, take heart. Over time, the shifter linkage on your Camaro will loosen, making shifts feel sloppy. The linkage has simply worked itself loose, which will require adjustment, rather than replacement. Adjustment of the shifter linkage requires only minimal hand tools and can be easily accomplished in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Remove the Camaro's shift knob by pulling the metal pin out of the back of the knob. The metal pin will be facing the car's radio. Remove the shifter boot, if the car has a manual transmission, then carefully pry the shifter housing cover plate up from the center console of the car. For automatic transmission cars, remove the shift indicator light from its housing on the shifter cover plate to gain better access to the inside of the center console.

Step 2

Locate the shift linkage cable and its adjusting nut. It will be located forward of the shifter, and is the only cable which is attached to the shifter itself. The adjustment nut is the first nut threaded onto the cable housing, but not the bolt which attaches the cable to the shifter. Turn the nut with the crescent wrench to firm up the feel of the shifter.

Step 3

Reinstall the shifter housing plate, sliding it over the shifter and clicking it in place in the center console. Install the shifter boot, if the Camaro is a manual transmission, then replace the shifter knob, replacing the metal retainer pin.

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