How to Adjust Brake Pedal Height in a Toyota Camry

by Editorial Team

In 2002, Toyota started manufacturing a Camry with brake pedals that adjusted forward when needed. You just push a button to make it happen. For a Toyota Camry made before 2002, you can adjust the brake pedals yourself by following these steps.

Step 1

Locate the brake yoke under the dash, just above the brake pedal and over to the side.

Step 2

Follow the pedal upward to the point at which it attaches to the push rod. Place a dot on the push rod with a marking pencil or some nail polish. Note the position of the dot to keep the rod facing the right direction. Keep an eye on this during the job and check again when you are through.

Step 3

Release the push rod locking nuts with a 17-mm wrench. The push rod should not turn. If it does, turn it back so that the mark is in front of you. You may need to use one wrench to hold the bracket and another to break loose the nut.

Step 4

Take hold of the push rod with pliers. Turn until you have loosened the lock nuts. Twist the push rod around, using a 10-mm wrench to lengthen or shorten the pedal height. The brake pedal does not need to adjust to the full height of the throttle.

Step 5

Leave a minimum of 3 mm (less than 1/4 inch) distance from the brake stop to the brake pedal. The pedal will automatically stop at the rubber grommet positioned on its path toward the bracket. This distance allows the brake pedal to pull the push rod back all of the way. Once this happens, the brake servo will be able to operate correctly.

Step 6

Retighten the lock nut. Adjust the brake light switch, if necessary.

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