How to Add Freon to a Mazda 626

by Nathaniel Miller

The Mazda 626 is a dependable sedan with a proven track record of low maintenance miles. And while there are usually few if any major problems before you reach 100,000 miles, you may notice that the air conditioning begins to "warm up" over time. This could be due to a low freon level in the air conditioning unit itself. Luckily, any home mechanic can remedy this problem with just a few minutes and minimal technical expertise.

Step 1

Pop the hood of the Mazda and locate the "Low" pressure air conditioner valve on the rear firewall of the engine compartment. The Low pressure valve is marked with an "L" while the High pressure valve has an "H" on it.

Step 2

Use the crescent wrench to remove the Low pressure valve cover and make sure the valve is free of dust. Screw the transfer hose from the R134 refill kit onto the valve and then use the calibration knob on the pressure dial to select the outside temperature of the ambient air.

Step 3

Screw the other end of the transfer line onto the can of R134 and then tighten down the "puncture valve" on the side of the transfer line to puncture the can and release freon into the transfer line.

Step 4

Open the valve on the transfer line after you start the car's engine and turn on the air conditioner. When the valve on the transfer line indicates that the system is full, turn the car and air conditioner off, disconnect the transfer line from the low pressure valve, and properly discard of the freon kit.

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