How to Access the Fuel Pump on a 1992 Toyota Corolla

by Melissa Kelly
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The fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank on 1992 Toyota Corolla models. Depending upon the issues being experienced with the fuel system, a fuel pump replacement may be necessary. Prior to replacing the fuel pump, however, you should check other less expensive and less invasive repairs, such as incorrect fuel pressure or a bad fuel filter. However, if replacement of the fuel pump is necessary, it can be accessed by removing the fuel tank from beneath the vehicle.

Step 1

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Relieve the fuel tank pressure at the fuel filter under the engine compartment. To do so, remove the protective shield and slowly loosen the union bolt while allowing the pressure to bleed out of the system.

Step 2

Loosen the bolts attaching the fuel tank to the vehicle halfway by accessing the area beneath the car. Place a jack stand covered with old towels below the fuel tank. Gently lower the fuel tank onto the jack stand as you remove the bolts. Lower the jack stand enough to slide the fuel tank out from beneath the vehicle.

Step 3

Clean the fuel system lines with a sprayable engine-type cleaner prior to disconnection. However, don't overspray or soak the components with solvent. Once clean, disconnect the fuel inlet and outlet lines and the vent line connected to the fuel pump using a socket wrench and standard wrench to counterturn if necessary. Be carefully when disconnecting the lines, as damage occurring from removal can be difficult to repair.

Step 4

Remove the screws attached to the mounting brackets to access the fuel pump. Once the screws are removed, the fuel pump can be lifted out of the bracket. Depending upon the specific needs, the fuel pump is now available for maintenance, inspection or replacement.

Step 5

Inspect the fuel tank for signs of rust, damage or leakage. In addition, inspect the fuel lines, hoses and fittings for corrosion, wear or damage. It's also beneficial to inspect the fuel filter while the fuel system is disassembled.

Step 6

Replace the sealing gaskets with new gaskets, then reassemble the fuel pump by reversing the steps taken to remove it once repair of the pump is complete.

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