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How to Know if an A/C Blower Is Bad

by Monty Dayton

There are many reasons that a car's air conditioner can malfunction. The blower is a major part that commonly fails on a car's air conditioning unit. While it's not always easy to tell if this is the problem, there are several tests a person can run to test the blower and see if that is the problem.

Step 1

Turn on the car's air conditioner to full blast while the engine is running. Feel for any type of a breeze. If no breeze hits your hand, there's a good chance that the car's A/C blower is to blame. No wind at all means the A/C blower is not working at all.

Step 2

Hold your hand over the air conditioner vent while the air is on at full blast. After feeling the air, turn the vent down to half speed. If there is no change in fan speed, then this can mean that the A/C blower is the main problem.

Step 3

Turn off the engine and open the hood to look at the engine. Have the picture of your car's specific air conditioning system on hand.

Step 4

Check the connector to make sure it's not loose. If the connector is loose, plug it in firmly and restart the car. Check the air conditioning vents to see if the same problems still exist.

Check the plastic tube from the blower motor next. Look for tears, wear or even if the tube is disconnected. This is normally located on the lower left hand side of the motor, and must be in perfect working condition. Any damage to this part of the blower engine will prevent the car's A/C from fully working.


  • Never check the motor while the car is running.

Items you will need

  • Picture of the car's blower unit

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