How to Troubleshoot Problems in a Ford Taurus

by Alibaster Smith

The Ford Taurus is a popular vehicle. However, there are problems specific to the Taurus, such as peculiar noises and quirks, which are the result of poor manufacturing processes that went into the vehicle. While many problems have been sorted out over the years, there are a few reoccurring problems. However, before replacing any parts, it's easy to troubleshoot a few of the more common issues.

Step 1

Listen for whining coming from the engine bay when you turn the steering wheel from side to side. While the engine is on, the power steering pump in most Taurus's will whine. This is due primarily to a faulty design on the Taurus power steering pump pulley. The only real remedy for this is to have it replaced.

Step 2

Listen for clicking noises when turning corners. The high angle of deflection on the Taurus CV joints can cause them to fail prematurely. Unfortunately, once the protective boot rips, the joint will begin to grind. At this point, there is no fixing it. It needs to be replaced. Expect to do this job after 50,000 miles.

Step 3

Check for abnormal airflow from the air vents. The blower motor is quite loud on the Taurus; however, if your blower doesn't seem to be blowing a significant amount of air into the cabin, it's probably due to a bad motor. This is a problem on some Ford vehicles, though the problem is common on the Taurus.

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