79 Ford Truck Specs

by Jen N

The '79 Ford truck was a second-generation model part of F-100, which launched production in 1960s. This vehicle contributed to the Ford persona that suggested Fords were roomy as well as powerful. Many truck lovers fancy the '79 Ford F-100 Bronco as a classic lightweight truck.


Considered a Sports Utility Vehicle, SUV, Ford '79 trucks average 3,000 lbs. in weight. 1979 Ford truck's measure 199.5 inches, or 17 feet, from the back to the front and width exceeds 74.5 inches, roughly 6 1/2 feet, according to the Old Car Manual Project website. Ford engineers increased the wheelbase to 104.0 inches in all '79 Ford models including the F-100Ford Bronco. Ford '79 trucks had a total radius of 468 inches and stood from the wheels to the hood, roughly five feet.


The Ford '79 trucks sat on a large frame and sported an H-Body style. The vehicles front suspension mirrored that of a Chevrolet K5 Blazer; manufactured during the same era. The '79 Ford pickup models employed a standard front-engine wheel layout, with the engine fitting in an angle that was vertical to the truck, according to the Car Gurus website. Furthermore, '79 Ford truck's sat on solid steel frames, providing four-wheel overdrive capability.


The '79 Ford trucks boasted a 5.8-liter, V-8 engine that supplied powerful performance in horsepower. The result of the strong engine allowed '79 Ford pickup models to reach top speeds of 123 horsepower at 5,200 revolutions per minute, rpm, according to the Old Car Manual Project website.


Ford design teams made major improvements to the'79 Ford truck's, allowing the transmission to run on a four-speed, Borg-Warner, T-18 manual system and three-speed, C-6 automatic, which allowed for smooth transition between gears. Also, Ford '79 trucks had an added advantage of extra revolutions per minutes, rpm, that offered trouble free smooth shifting.


During its era, Ford '79 trucks consumed roughly 17 mpg, miles per gallon, within urban areas and received 26 miles a gallon outside the suburbs. Ford '79 trucks had scored well in rear-side collision tests, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA.

Other Specs

The Ford '79 trucks came with regular AM/FM radio systems, standard square-sealed beam headlights, driver and passenger adjustable mirrors and fixed rear window with defogger. Buyers had the option of power door locks and electronic windows for both passenger and driver doors. The Ford '79 trucks of this period were designed to have enough legroom for someone more than six feet tall and provide few problems for those entering and exiting vehicles.

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