1984 Chevy C30 Specs

by Jen N

The 1984 Chevy C30 was a lightweight truck, which started appearing in showrooms in the 1980s. The lightweight aspect of the Chevy C30 helped bring to the forefront smaller and lighter pick-up trucks, yet remained powerful. The truck also has front suspension that was similar to prior models. Many truck lovers considered the 1984 Chevy version a classic.


The 1984 Chevy C30 came in two models: the C30 Base Crew Cab Pickup and the C30 Base Regular Cab Pickup. The C30 Base Crew model comfortably seated up to four adult-sized individuals and featured AM-FM radio, electric windshield washers and remote control outside mirrors, according to the Automotix Net website.


The C30 Base Crew Cab's combined weight is 4,950 lbs. and Chevrolet produced more than 28,000 of this model. Chevrolet manufactured only 3,130 of the Base Regular Cab Pickup's. However, the C30 Base Regular Cab pickups weigh much more than the C30 Base Crew models, at 5,360 lbs.


The C30 sits on a wide-body chassis, according to the Automobile Magazine website. The Chevy C30 showcase a front engine-wheel design, where the engine was placed in an angle vertical to the length of the truck. In addition to resting on a steel frame, '84 Chevy C30 had four-wheel overdrive ability.


The 1984 Chevy C30 boasted a 235.5-cubic inch V-8 engine. However, the 1984 Chevy C30 had five types of engines: 4.8-liter V6, 5.7-liter V8, 7.4-liter V8, 6.2-liter V8 and 5.0-liter V8, all which were installed in various models of '84 Chevy C30. The engine measured approximately 96.5 inches and the stroke shaft a mechanism that interacts with the piston measured 86.4 inches.


The 1984 Chevy C30's V-8 engines utilized a multi-point fuel injection that boasted the trucks performances. The '84 Chevy C30 ran on premium-unleaded gas and its six-valve cylinder was the result of the fine-tuning engine by Chevy engineers. The six-valve cylinders and the other components within the engine enabled the 1984 Chevy C30 to reach 123 horsepower at 5,200 revolutions per minute.


The '84 Chevy truck featured a six-speed transmission that was directly behind the motor. Prospective buyers of a 1984 Chevy C30 had the choice in three types of transmission: a zero-speed automatic, a three-speed manual and four-speed manual.

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