2003 Suzuki Vinson 500 Specs

by Michael Signal

The Vinson 500 is a four-wheel drive recreational all terrain vehicle from Suzuki. The Vinson is no longer manufactured, but a 2003 review of that year's model in the June issue of “ATV Rider” states that the vehicle is smaller and less powerful than many competitors, but is still an excellent off-road vehicle.


The Vinson 500 is 82.5 inches long, 46.1 inches wide and 47.2 inches high. The wheelbase measures exactly 50 inches and ground clearance is 9.9 inches. The vehicle's dry weight is 604 pounds.


The T-shaped rider's seat sits at a height of 33.9 inches.


A single-cylinder, four-stroke engine powers the Vinson 500. The 493 cc engine is liquid-cooled. It has a 5-gallon gas tank.


A five-speed automatic transmission transfers engine power to the wheels in full-time four-wheel drive. The transmission has gears in the high and low range, as well as reverse.

Tires and Brakes

Dual disc brakes provide stopping power to the wheels and the rear end uses a single disc brake. The front tires measure 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 tires sit at the rear of the vehicle.


The 325-watt alternator powers a combination taillight/brake light, 30-watt fender-mounted high and low beam headlights and a 12-volt/120 watt DC outlet. A 40-watt auxiliary light is mounted on the handlebars. On-board instruments include a fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer, trip meter and high temperature indicators.


An electric starter provides the primary means of starting the ATV, but there is a recoil, or manual starter as a backup. A Capacitive Discharge Ignition provides spark to the engine and delivers a much higher voltage than some other ignition systems.


Full floorboards built into the high fenders provide ground clearance. A winch can be mounted on the front bumper. The 2003 Vinson 500 was produced in green, red or yellow.


The suggested retail price of the Vinson 500 was $6,400 in 2003.

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