2000 Polaris 500 Magnum Specs

by Brianna Collins
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Unlike many recreational vehicle companies, Polaris Industries started out manufacturing only snowmobiles in the 1950s. The company eventually expanded, debuting its first ATV in 1985 and continuing to manufacture quads through 2010. Polaris manufactured the Magnum make of utility quad until 2006. The 2000 models came in three different trims, one of which features a displacement of about 500 cc.


The 2000 Magnum 500 comes equipped with a four-cycle, single-cylinder engine. It has a displacement of 499 cc, or 30.45 cubic inches, a bore and stroke of 3.62 by 2.95 inches, and a compression ratio of 10 to 2, full stroke. The engine also features a liquid cooling system, a dry sump lubricator, a capacitive discharge ignition and a 1/BST34 carburetor.


Featuring a PVT drive system and a side lever shift system with high, low, reverse and neutral, the Magnum 500 has a low gear reduction ratio of 7.46 to 1.00, a reverse ratio of 5.12 to 1.00, and a forward ratio of 3.30 to 1.00. The final drive ratio is 3.10 to 1.00.

Chassis and Suspension

Built on a Generation IV-styled body, the Magnum 500 features a Mac strut suspension system up front with 6.25 inches of travel. In the rear, a progressive rate swing-arm suspension system comes equipped with 6.50 inches of travel. The suspensions also feature CAM shock adjustment.

Brakes and Tires

In the front, the 2000 Magnum 500 comes with fixed disc, hydraulic floating caliper brakes, while rear-axle fixed disc brakes with hydraulic opposed piston calipers come equipped in the rear. The parking brake is a hydraulic all-wheel lock. Additionally, the Magnum 500 takes 25 x 8-12 tires with a tire pressure of four up front and 25 x 11-10 tires with a pressure of three in the rear.

Measurements and Capacities

With a gross vehicle weight of 1,117 lbs., the Magnum 500 measures 81.0 inches in length, 46.0 inches in width and 47.5 inches in height. It has a wheelbase of 49.75 inches, a seat height of 34.00 and a relatively large ground clearance of 7.25 inches. The Magnum 500 also performs well as a utility quad, capable of carrying up to 90 lbs. on the front rack, 180 on the back and towing up to 1,225 lbs. It features a standard tow hitch and a fuel tank capacity of 3.75 gallons.


The 2000 Magnum comes with many features standard, including an electric starter, high beam and high temperature indicators and a neutral/reverse indicator. It also comes with a speedometer and tool kit standard. Optional features include a DC plug-in at the quad's rear and a windshield.

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