1992 Chevy Pickup 454 Specs

by Brandon Getty
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The 1992 Chevrolet C1500 454SS is a powerful and popular pickup truck. Used for hauling, towing and even racing purposes, it is a pickup with true versatility. Because of the relative commonness of this truck, it can be had for cheap as a ready-to-drive vehicle or parted out for its great equipment.


The 1992 Chevy 454's overall length is 194 in. and its width is 76.8 in. Its height is measured at 70.6 in., and it has a wheel base of 117.5 in. It seats a maximum of three passengers.


The truck has a V8 engine, holding a base number of eight cylinders. The base size of the engine is 7.4 liters. It has a horsepower rating of 255 hp with a max horsepower of 4,000 rpm. Its torque is rated at 405 ft-lbs. with a max torque of 2,400 rpm. It has rear-wheel drive and carries a maximum payload of 1,023 lbs.

Fuel and Tank

The 454's tank capacity is 25 gal. Rated EPA mileage estimates are as follows for automatic transmissions (city/highway/combined): 9 mpg / 12 mpg / 10 mpg. Its range in miles is as follows for automatic transmissions (city/highway/combined): 225 mi. / 300 mi. / 250 mi.

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