2009 GMC C5500 Specifications

by David Ferris

The General Motors Corporation has a long history manufacturing trucks. The first "trucks" were actually motorized horse-drawn vehicles. However, the company expanded to begin producing light-duty and heavy-duty trucks for urban deliveries. The GMC C5500 is a heavy-duty addition to its line. The vehicle has a 330-hp engine and can support several tons of weight on its front and rear axles. It is equipped for towing and other commercial and industrial uses.

Engine, Transmission and Brakes

The C5500 is equipped with a 6.6-liter Durham engine manufactured by Isuzu. The engine is turbocharged and has 330 horsepower. The vehicle runs on a six-speed automatic transmission and has a spring suspension system. It is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear.

Towing Capacity and Dimensions

The truck's rear end ratio is 4.78, its wheelbase measures 176 inches, its front axle capacity is 8,000 lbs. and its rear axle capacity is 13,500 lbs. The vehicle's fuel tank holds up to 40 gallons. Front tow hooks and rear trailer wiring assist in its towing and trailing capacity.

Other Specifications

The truck has a dual front passenger seat, interior lamp, cruise control and power steering. It's equipped with a heater and air conditioning, 750 cca dual batteries, and an AM/FM radio. Additionally, the C5500 has an air cleaner restriction gauge, as well as a transmission temperature gauge.

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