1988 F350 Weight Specifications

by Sue Williams

The 1988 Ford F-350 came in six trims, or sub-models, including the two- and four-wheel-drive Crew Cab and four-wheel-drive Regular Cab. The two-wheel-drive Regular Cab, two-wheel-drive SuperCab and two-wheel-drive Crew Cab also came in trims featuring dual rear wheels (DRW).

Regular Cab Weights

The 1988 Ford F-350 Regular Cab DRW 2WD weighed in at 4,727 lbs. The 4WD Regular Cab weighed in just a hair less at 4,725 lbs.

Crew Cab Weights

The 2WD Crew Cab Ford F-350 had a curb weight of 5,089 lbs. The Crew Cab DRW 2WD was 5,247 lbs. and the 4WD version weighed in at 5,421 lbs.

SuperCab Weight

The 1988 Ford F-350 SuperCab DRW 2WD curb weight was 5,403 lbs. This was due to the massive 7.5-liter, 235-horsepower V-8 engine that was only standard in this trim.

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