1985 Dodge 360 Specs

by Manny Jeter
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The 1985 Dodge 360 is a part of the 1975 to 88 Dodge 360 engine line. It was originally manufactured by Dodge's parent company, Chrysler. The Dodge 360 is designed to fit Dodge trucks and cars, including the Dodge B300 Van, Dodge Charger, Dodge Dart, and Dodge D250 Pickup truck. The complete and newly manufactured Dodge 360 engine is available for purchase on the aftermarket. You can also purchase the Dodge 360 and make adjustments to improve the performance of the engine. Any installation or adjustments of the engine should be done by a professional.


The Dodge 360 engine has a peak horsepower of 155 at 3,600 rpm. The engine has the torque of 270 pounds-feet at 2,400 rpm. The performance of the engine can be improved with proper adjustments.

Engine Dimensions

The Dodge 360 engine has a displacement of 360 cubic inches, or 5.9 liters. Its bore/stroke measures 4/3.58 inches. The engine has the compression ratio of 8.4-to-1. The Dodge 360 has a single snorkel air cleaner and a single exhaust system. The engine contains eight cylinders.

General Specifications

The Dodge 360 engine has dual concentric throttle return springs and single torsion throttle spring. The engine uses gasoline. The fuel is delivered with a two-barrel carburetor. The engine has a fully externally balanced crankshaft. It has steel-backed aluminum bearings. The pistons are alloy tin coated with an overall length of 3.19 inches. It is considered a 90-volt type engine.

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