1940 Chevy Specifications

by James Jordan
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VINTAGE CAR image by Alexander Ivanov from Fotolia.com

The Chevrolet was redesigned for 1940 with a new, more sophisticated look. It's grille reminded people of Buicks. In 1940 the cars were slightly larger, and there were three models to choose from: the Master 85, Master Deluxe and the Special Deluxe.


All of the Chevys had the same engine, a 216.5 cubic inch inline six cylinder that produced 85 horsepower at 3,200 rpm. The compression ratio was 6.25 to 1. A three-speed manual transmission was used in all the Chevrolets


The Super Deluxe was the top of the line, with the most luxurious appointments. It was the best seller. Second was the Master Deluxe. The Master 85 was the lower-end car and was rather bare in appearance. The Master 85 prices ranged from $659 to $903, the Master Deluxe was priced at $684 to $766 and the Special Deluxe sold for $720 to $934.


The 1940 Chevy had a 113-inch wheelbase and overall length was 192 inches. The car rode on 6-by-16-inch tires and had a 16-gallon gas tank.

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