Do It Yourself Rhino Liner

by Robert Moore

Rhino Linings coating is a liquid that is applied to truck beds to provide better protection of the truck bed metal. Rhino liner is either applied with a roller, or by an aerosol can. Rhino liner must be given a 24-hour curing time before the bed of the truck can be used.


Put on the safety glasses. Thoroughly clean the bed of the truck with the power washer and wait for the bed to become completely dry. Apply painter's tape on the sides of the truck bed, being careful to make straight lines.


Put on the respirator mask and open the gallon of Rhino liner. Pour the Rhino liner into the roller pan and coat the paint roller. Apply Rhino liner generously, starting at the very top of the bed closest to the cab.


Work down the inside of the bed and toward the back of the truck. Make sure to apply a thick, even coat across the entire bed of the truck as well as the inside of the tailgate.


Apply an equally thick coat of Rhino liner to the spaces the roller could not get to, using the aerosol can of rhino liner. Slowly remove the painter's tape. Allow the Rhino coating to cure for a minimum of 24 hours.


  • check Wear old clothing and shoes.


  • close Always wear a respirator when working with Rhino liner.

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