How to Work the DVD Player in a Honda Odyssey

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Higher-end Honda Odyssey models, such as the EX, or EX-L, may come equipped with a factory rear entertainment system. This entertainment system features a flip down 7-inch screen and a complete control panel. You can use the system to play DVDs or audio CDs. Once you get comfortable using the controls, the DVD player is quite easy to work. For the player to operate, the Odyssey's engine must be running.

Step 1

Press the button labeled "Open" on the rear DVD control panel. Pull the screen down and pivot it to the position you want.

Step 2

Press the button labeled "Vol/Power" to turn the system on. Once the screen turns on, press the button labeled "Load" next to the DVD slot.

Step 3

Insert the DVD into the slot with the label facing up. Press the button labeled "DVD 2" with the arrow to begin playing the DVD.

Step 4

Press the plus button next to "Seek" to skip forward to a different scene. Press the minus button next to "Seek" to skip backward.

Step 5

Press and hold the button labeled "DVD 3" to fast forward; press the button labeled "DVD 1" to rewind.

Step 6

Press the button labeled "DISP" to access the DVD option menu. Use the "Up" and "Down" arrows to navigate through the options, such as subtitles and audio options.

Step 7

Press the button labeled "DVD 4" to pause the DVD. Press the "Eject" button to the right of the DVD slot to eject the DVD.

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