How to Wire an NMEA 0183

by Michael Wallace

The NMEA 0183 is a data cable designed for use with marine equipment such as sonar, GPS and echo sounder devices. The cable transfers information between the antenna and the device itself. If you are setting up marine equipment on a boat, chances are you are going to need to install one of these cables. Even if you don't know much about electronics, you'll find you can connect the cable quickly and without any problems if you follow a few simple steps.


Locate the circular output jack on the antenna you intend to connect the NMEA data cable to. It will likely be located at the base of the antenna.


Insert the connector at one end of the NMEA cable into the output port on the antenna to secure it.


Run the cable to the input jack on the marine device that the cable is compatible with.


Plug the connector into the input port on the marine device.


Power on the marine device and test it to ensure that the connection is made and the unit is receiving a signal.

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