How to Wire a 1969 Camaro Factory Installed Tachometer

by Don Bowman

When wiring a factory installed tachometer in a 1969 Camaro, the only hard wire is the one to the coil. The Camaro has a printed circuit board on the back of the instrument cluster. This board is just a plastic sheet with copper printed circuits. The circuits supply power to all the instruments and for the illumination. New printed circuit boards can be purchased through the many classic car parts suppliers.


Remove the negative terminal on the battery, using a wrench. Remove the steering column cover, using the appropriate socket. Remove the three 9/16-inch nuts securing the steering column to the support bracket, using a socket. Lower the steering column.


Remove the Phillips screws in the instrument panel with the screwdriver. Pull the dash forward enough to disconnect the electrical connector on the back left side of the instrument panel. Unthread the speedometer cable connection. Remove the instrument panel.


Lift the hood--look at the color of the wires on the negative side of the coil. The black lead goes to the distributor, and the remaining wire goes to the instrument panel. Look at the electrical harness connector and locate the same color wire in the harness. Cut this wire about 6 inches away from the connector.


Pass the end of the roll of wire through the firewall and bring the wire up to the connector. Connect the end of the wire to the connector using the 16-gauge terminal butt connector and crimp it on.


Pull the wire from under the hood over to the coil. Allow enough slack to place the wire in an inconspicuous place. Connect the stud terminal connector to the end of the wire and crimp it. Remove the nut holding the wires to the negative terminal. Pull the old wire out of the engine compartment. Place the new wire terminal on the coil negative terminal, secure it with the nut and tighten with a wrench.


Check the back of the instrument panel for any worn or broken circuits. If any can be seen with the naked eye, replace the circuit board. Reinstall the instrument panel and steering column in reverse order of removal.

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