How to Winterize a Forest River Recreational Vehicle

by Breann Kanobi
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The Forest River RV, like most RVs, must be winterized if you live in a cold climate. Cold temperatures can freeze water in the pipes, causing permanent damage to the plumbing. Pipes may burst, damaging the interior of the vehicle. If you are not familiar with the winterizing process, you may want to take your RV to the Forest River dealership to ensure that you correctly prepare your recreational vehicle for storage over winter. Incorrectly winterized vehicles may suffer serious damage.


Step 1

Remove the house batteries. These are the lead-acid batteries that power the internal parts of the RV, such as the lights and microwave, not the engine battery. The battery location varies by your specific model of Forest River RV. Check your user's manual for extra guides on house battery location.

Step 2

Top off the battery fluid and charge the batteries using the charger that came with your RV.

Step 3

Store your batteries in a clean, dry place that stays a reasonable temperature, such as the dresser of a bedroom.

Change the filter and oil of the generator. Open the generator and remove the filter and oil tube. Discard the used filter and the used oil. Pour new oil into the tube. Install the new filter and place the oil tube back into its original position.


Step 1

Unplug the power cord of the water supply.

Step 2

Turn off all faucets of the Forest River RV. Flush the toilet two or three times to drain the water. Check the fresh water and holding tanks to ensure that they are empty.

Step 3

Turn the LP gas supply valve to the off position. Turn the valves that connect the water heater, water pump and freshwater tank to the off position. Locate the pipe above the water heater. Open its supply line. Insert one end of the winterization hose. Place the other end of the hose into a container of antifreeze.

Step 4

Push the water pump's switch to the "On" position. Turn the kitchen sink faucet so that the water runs. Repeat for the bathroom faucets and any other faucets in your Forest River RV. Allow the faucets to run for about five minutes and flush the toilet. Turn off all of the faucets and turn off the water pump. Remove the hose.

Pour about 1 cup of antifreeze into each of the drains.

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