Weight Specifications of a 1994 Ford F-150

by Brian Vaughan

The 1994 Ford F-150 is a pickup truck which was available in a variety of different models that featured different cabs and cargo beds. The weight of the F-150 depends on the model, configuration and size.

Regular Cab Short Bed

The S and XL two-wheel-drive versions weigh 3,896 pounds if configured with manual transmissions and 4,004 pounds using automatics. The four-wheel-drive S and XL weigh 4,030 pounds if manual and 4,144 pounds if automatic.

Regular Cab Long Bed

The two-wheel-drive S and XL weigh 3,980 pounds if manual and 4,088 pounds if automatic. The S and XL with four-wheel drive weigh 4,269 pounds if manual and 4,348 pounds if automatic.

SuperCab Short Bed

The two-wheel-drive SuperCab Short Bed S and XL models weigh 4,196 pounds if manual and 4,304 pounds if automatic. The S and XL four-wheel-drive models weigh 4,435 pounds if manual and 4,514 pounds if automatic.

SuperCab Long Bed

The S and XL that have two-wheel drive weigh 4,321 pounds if manual and 4,429 pounds if automatic. The four-wheel-drive S and XL weigh 4,578 pounds if manual and 4,657 pounds if automatic.

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