How to Wash Diesel Fuel off Your Car

by Louise Lawson
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Diesel fuel can cause serious damage to your car’s paint job if left unwashed. Diesel fuel is highly corrosive and can eat through your paint, causing serious ripples, bubbling and peeling. Washing diesel fuel off your car can be done quickly and with just a few tools.

Step 1

Wipe as much diesel fuel off of your car as you can. Be sure to use paper towels or an old rag that you do not plan on keeping, as diesel fuel is extremely hard to remove from fabrics.

Step 2

Rinse your car as soon as possible. Use a good deal of water to rinse the bulk of the fuel from your car. Do not allow the diesel fuel to sit on your paint too long or it will begin to eat into your paint job.

Step 3

Wet your washing mitt and apply soap to the damp mitt. Rub the soapy mitt over the spot where diesel fuel was spilled, rinsing frequently to remove all of the fuel. Use more soap if necessary to get all of the diesel off.

Step 4

Run water over the spot to rinse the soap from your car. Check the spot to make sure no traces of diesel fuel remain.

Step 5

Apply wax to the spot. Wax the spot well to seal the paint and restore shine to your vehicle’s paint job.

Step 6

Look over your vehicle to check for any other spots that might need to be washed. Remove any remaining diesel fuel promptly to ensure you get the longest life possible from your vehicle’s paint.

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