How to Dispose of Diesel Fuel

by Editorial Team

It's hard to imagine ever needing to dispose of anything as valuable as diesel fuel, but sometimes there's no option. Whether you're trying to get rid of an old vehicle that may have gas still left in its tank, or you have an old container of diesel fuel in a garage that may have been mixed with water or any other unknown substance, it needs to be disposed of properly.

Step 1

Know what you have. This is only possible if you have always been in possession of the fuel and are certain it has not been contaminated with any other substance such as water. If you have any doubts, treat the diesel fuel as a hazardous material.

Step 2

Try and use the fuel in any vehicle designed for diesel. If the fuel is clean, siphon it from the tank or transfer it to a suitable container for later use.

Step 3

Ask others you know if they would have a use for the diesel fuel you have on hand. Most will be happy to take it off of your hands as long as you can assure them that the fuel is pure and safe for use.

Step 4

Contact your local trash company if you have any concerns about the fuel and wish to dispose of it. Ask about a household hazardous waste program.

Step 5

Look in the phone book for a licensed hazardous waste collector. Although there may be a fee to dispose of the diesel fuel, the cost is far less than any potential damage done by improper storage or improper disposal.

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