How to Hand Wash a Car

by Randall Shatto

Hand washing a car is a simple task to complete. If you take your car to a car wash, the machine could cause scratches and dings and leave dirt. The machine method is also incredibly expensive. Hand washing a car is the only guarantee that your vehicle will be in perfect condition as well as completely clean.

Put some Mr. Clean Autodry Refill Soap in the bucket. You can find this product at several different retail stores. You could also use regular liquid dishwashing soap or another type of vehicle soap.

Fill the bucket full of water. The soap should mix while the bucket is filling. If it does not, use your hand to mix the water and soap.

Hose down the car. You will want the vehicle to be completely saturated. This includes the roof, under the car, the tires and windows.

Dip your car-washing mitt into the bucket of soapy water. You will want it completely soapy and wet. Begin washing your car from the front. Pay close attention to small crevices. Wash the complete body first. This includes doors, hood, lights, bumpers and trunk.

Hose down the car. This will get all of the soap and dirt off right away. If you notice any dirt or grime left on the body of the vehicle, re-wash that area and hose it down again.

Dip the long squeegee into the bucket of soapy water. Then clean the roof and the underside of the car. Scrubbing is recommended to get all the caked on dirt and grime off the underside. Be sure to dip your squeegee in the bucket every so often to clean off any excess dirt and to refill with the soap and water.

Hose off the car a second time. Pay close attention to the roof and the body of the vehicle. You may need to rinse these parts off a couple of times to remove the excess soap and dirt. If you notice a place that is still dirty, use your squeegee or car-washing mitt to clean it up. Spray the underside of the car with a heavy stream to make sure it is crystal clean.

Use your soft washcloth to clean all of the windows. Dip this into the bucket of soap and water. Clean each window until you see a sparkling shine. Pay close attention to your rear window, front window and the mirrors. Hose off your car one last time.

Dry your car with the large cloth towel. This will prevent streaking.


  • check Make sure that your washing mitt and towels are in a safe place. This will prevent loose rocks or debris gathering in them before you use them on your car.


  • close Never park your car or vehicle in dirt, grass or a rocky driveway while washing your car. The hose can create mud and rustle the rocks that may get on your car.

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