Using Baking Soda Water to Improve Gas Mileage

by Jeffrey Brian

Improving the gas mileage of your vehicle might be a concern for you. New technology and innovations have made it possible for your car to extend its mileage, and now doing so may be as simple as looking in your kitchen cabinet. Since baking soda can split water into hydrogen and water molecules when charged by an electrical current, the kitchen staple can be added to your car if it is equipped with a water fuel cell. Hydrogen can then help power your car, meaning that your expenses after installation of a water fuel cell will include the cost of distilled water, baking soda and minimal gas to get the most mileage out of your car.

Purchase a hydrogen fuel cell for your car. As of 2010, the online price for a fuel cell begins around $200.

Install the hygrogen fuel cell in your vehicle's engine compartment. Take your car to a mechanic for professional installation. Call your local auto shops for estimates, as prices for installation can vary greatly.

Fill the tank of the fuel cell with distilled water. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda.

Run your engine and drive as normal. Refill the water cell with distilled water and baking soda with every fill-up of gasoline.

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